In late 2018 Mike Whittaker the owner of MWM starred in a 8 episode series show on TV 3 called The Ultimate Reno Show.

Mike starred in the first episode as he had to find the money for the Stars of the show Caleb and Alice so they could turn it into their dream house.

Things never went to plan for Caleb and Alice as the house needed lots of unscheduled work just to make it a solid house to begin the work inside, and yes the budget blow out was REAL , Mike saw it first hand and the tears with it for the stars and the TV show producers.

The Show was designed to educate  NZer’s on how to buy, renovate and complete a home renovation, as lots of trades and designers were involved along the way.

Mike starred in a 4 episodes and his ONE Million, ONE Million phrase in Episode 2 was legendary, he was back again in episode 7 as Caleb and Alice nearly ran out of money, Mike was there to save them and he did.

The house was valued at 2.5m in the end and it looked like it was easily that value, the finish was amazing

We now have photos of the finished house see below