An in-depth look at the services we offer as part of our client care at Mike Whittaker Mortgages

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Free E-Valuer


We offer a free E-Value report before you purchase a house.

Provided in conjunction

with Core Logic

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First Home


Mike Whittaker gives a simple guide to obtaining your first home even if it seems out of reach

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Allow us to reconfigure your mortgage and find the best deal for you. We could take years off your existing agreement and save you money

Why use a Mortgage Broker

Using a mortgage broker will save you time and take the hassle out of what is a very stressful process for most people. Let us worry about the small stuff, so you can focus on finding your dream home.

At Mike Whittaker Mortgages, we have access to 10 lenders and over 30 different products, giving us a full range of finance solutions to cover all your needs and get you the best deal.

Best of all, our services are 100% FREE!

Mortgage brokers get paid by the banks when you buy a property or refinance. It’s a win/win situation. You get the best deal and the broker gets a commission for finding the deal for you. If we can’t help you get a better deal, there’s no benefit in us taking on your business.

Some other benefits of using a mortgage broker are:

  • We have a strong relationships with all major banks.

  • Impartial advice on when to fix and when to float.

  • Get access to much bigger amounts of cash back.

  • Set up the loan structure to maximise tax refunds.

  • Lower rates mean you’ll pay off your mortgage faster.

A mortgage broker will take your loan application to all of the major banks and pit them against each other to win you the best deal. We will place pressure on the lender to ensure you get the best overall package, including waiving of application fees, discounts off your interest rate and often contributions from the lender towards your legal fees.

Play it smart, get an expert advisor on your side to get the banks to compete for your business.

Not only will we take the stress out of arranging your mortgage, we aim to be your personal mortgage manager for the life of your finance needs. For free, professional advice, give us a call or come in and say hello.

“A mortgage is not a transaction, it’s a relationship” – Mike Whittaker

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