About Us

aboutusMike Whittaker Mortgages is a specialist mortgage company based in Parnell, Auckland.

Director Mike Whittaker, Mortgage Specialist Peter Horan and PA Julie McConville are well versed in the mortgage and finance space. Their key focus is to recommend the best possible lending arrangement for their clients, each of which has a very different set of requirements.

Mike Whittaker

Mike has worked as a mortgage specialist for 13 years and has built strong relationships with each of the major banks in New Zealand. He’s passionate about finding the right loan product for each of his clients.

Mike knows what it is like to buy a home for the first time and to grow your wealth through property investment. Mike owns 6 properties and has lending with a range of banks. He walks the walk and knows the ins and outs of mortgage lending.

Mike comes from a competitive sporting background, getting up every day at 5:15am since he was 12, training as a cox in the sport of rowing. Mike has won over 20 NZ rowing titles and 60 North Island titles. He also represented NZ at many world championships and won a silver medal at the 1995 world rowing championships.

Mike puts 100% effort into getting your loan approved and takes pride in making the whole experience painless and easy to understand.

He does play tennis and beats Peter each time.

Peter Horan

Pete has worked as a mortgage specialist with Mike Whittaker Mortgages for over 12 months, having spent the previous 35 years as one of ASB Banks Home Loan Lending specialists.

Pete is passionate about getting people into their homes – whether it be their first, 2nd or an investment property, Pete fights hard for his clients.

Pete’s extensive background in providing Home Loan’s for over 30 years, gives him the confidence in his ability to dig deep on the tricky ones.

Pete has always been competitive – his time at ASB saw him ranked No.1 year after year. Pete also comes from a sporting background – having won many age group tennis titles in what was then known as South Auckland Tennis association, was a good youth soccer player, and swings a mean golf club. (lowest score 1 under par 70). Fishing would have to be Pete’s biggest passion – living in Mangere Bridge – he is only 3 minutes to the boat ramps on the Manukau Harbour.

Pete will go to great lengths to ensure you understand the process and no question is too trivial to ask, it’s is not the clients job to know anything about getting home loans approved – it’s Pete’s job to getting your loan approved and he takes pride in making the whole experience easy to understand, and enjoyable – as it’s supposed to be ranked one of the most stressful things to undertake. (That’s why Pete has no hair !!)


Julie McConville

As Mike’s able PA, Julie runs the office and assists clients in the structure and loan application process. Julie works hard to get to know each client and their needs. People always have lots of questions when buying a home, especially for the first time. Julie prides herself in being a great resource for answering these questions.

Julie has worked in the finance industry for many years and has extensive knowledge in loan applications and is the Queen of fixing rates.