We get the tough loans across the line with our
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Mike Whittaker Mortgages offers a free service and can save you money by getting the best deal for your new or existing mortgage.

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Mike Whittaker Mortgages has a strong relationship with all the major lending institutions and can help get the best financial package for you.

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Mike Whittaker Mortgages works for you, the client. We are not aligned with any lending institution so you know when you talk to us you are getting completely independent advice.

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  • We can save you money on your mortgage.
  • Find the best bank that suits your personal circumstances.
  • Visit your home or office within 24 hours of contact.
  • Offer free independent advice now and every fortnight through our regular newsletters.
  • We get the tough loans across the line with our 100% service guarantee.

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"We get tough loans across the line with our 100% service guarantee."

Yes people it is not that hard to own your own houses

  Up to 37 years to save a 20pc home deposit – and you thought Auckland was bad     If you thought taking seven years to save a 20 per cent deposit for an Auckland house was bad, spare a thought for first home buyers in some parts of the United States. Research by…

The Costs of Living is Increasing

The cost of living is rising before our eyes. Petrol – a key measure in calculating cost of living – went above $2.40 in many parts of the country for the first time, following a series of record highs hit in recent weeks. And the prices won’t stop there, with a 3.5c a litre excise tax coming to a pump…


Yes we are finally there Mike will be on the Latest TV renovation show on TV 3 It is due in October More to come when we can announce it The official announcement is the 27th of September