The team at MWM is seeing some huge gifts of cash from parents to assist their kids to get on the property ladder, which we think is a great thing and well over due. We don’t want our money from our parents when they are 85 as we will likely be 60 and may not require to […]

Cameron Bagrie is the managing director of Bagrie Economics If the government is serious about putting more money in people’s pockets, then they need to look seriously at costs and competition in some pockets of the economy. The wheels are turning in numerous areas including tax reform, but it’s slow. The household savings rate is […]

AMBASSADORS Coming from a variety of public roles, our Men’s Health Week ambassadors stand as proud advocates for helping Kiwi men take a closer look at their health! We are extremely grateful for their commitment to bring men’s health to the forefront of public awareness during the month of June. Mike Whittaker Director – Mike […]

  First Home Buyers Snap up the Cheapies You wouldn’t have thought it, but the team at MWM has been flat out putting first home buyers in to their dream home and yes a lot of the houses have been under $ 600,000.( not in the central city either ) Yes we have done a 1m […]

Congratulations on going unconditional! You’re on the homeward stretch toward getting the keys to your new home.

If you’re a new home buyer who’s never been through this process before, it’s tough to know what to expect. I always like to be straight with my clients about all the steps involved between going unconditional and settlement day. There’s no point keeping anyone in the dark when such a huge, important purchase is concerned.