We get the tough loans across the line with our
100% service guarantee

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Mike Whittaker Mortgages offers a free service and can save you money by getting the best deal for your new or existing mortgage.

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Mike Whittaker Mortgages has a strong relationship with all the major lending institutions and can help get the best financial package for you.

Independent Advice

Mike Whittaker Mortgages works for you, the client. We are not aligned with any lending institution so you know when you talk to us you are getting completely independent advice.

Our team can come to your home or office

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Our Promise To You

  • We can save you money on your mortgage.
  • Find the best bank that suits your personal circumstances.
  • Visit your home or office within 24 hours of contact.
  • Offer free independent advice now and every fortnight through our regular newsletters.
  • We get the tough loans across the line with our 100% service guarantee.

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"We get tough loans across the line with our 100% service guarantee."


Yes we are finally there Mike will be on the Latest TV renovation show on TV 3 It is due in October More to come when we can announce it The official announcement is the 27th of September

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The team at MWM is seeing some huge gifts of cash from parents to assist their kids to get on the property ladder, which we think is a great thing and well over due. We don’t want our money from our parents when they are 85 as we will likely be 60 and may not require to […]

Why NZ is living in a Freddie Mercury economy

Cameron Bagrie is the managing director of Bagrie Economics If the government is serious about putting more money in people’s pockets, then they need to look seriously at costs and competition in some pockets of the economy. The wheels are turning in numerous areas including tax reform, but it’s slow. The household savings rate is […]